Palm Beach Scandals – The First 100 Years

Written by Jack Owen
Category: · History

This digital version of “Palm Beach Scandals – An Intimate Guide” was introduced to inquiring minds via the Joan Rivers Show shortly after publication, Nov. 16, 1993.
It was Banned at the Breakers, Forbidden at the Flagler and Nixed at the Norton (gift shops). It had been out-of-print for a decade, selling at prices ranging from $1,00 to $159! Now it is accessible to all, via electronic books, for $3.99.
The British author was a journalist in the Palm Beaches for three decades, and had access to stories from characters both Up-Stairs and Down-Stairs. Owen has meet many of the contemporary subjects written about, including Donald Trump at his Mar a Lago oceanfront home and club where he has wined and dined.
The book is a romp through rumours and records which circulated in newsprint and cocktail conversation from its birth, to this age. The rich little island was making headlines long before its latest international villain – Bernie Madoff – plunged so many into financial depression.
Bernie wasn’t the first and, based on these Palm Beach Scandals, is not likely to be the last!



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