Over Easy: A Main Street Single Dad Novel (Main Street Single Dads Book 1)

Written by Amelia Wilde

Two eggs, over easy…
…with a side of disaster.

I always said I wouldn’t waitress again unless I hit rock bottom.

Well, I can’t possibly fall any farther. Or harder.

Dumped by my ex? Check. Back in my charming hometown, Lakewood? Double check. Making a fool of myself in front of the sexiest stranger I’ve ever seen? Nailed it.

My newest customer at the diner is sinfully delicious…and a single dad. There’s no room for a walking catastrophe like me in a life like his.

But when he smiles at me, I swoon hard enough to spray his face with whipped cream. Again.

Nope. I have no chance.
Unless I can serve him up the one thing he really needs.

One single dad. One waitress. It’s a recipe for…well, you know!



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