OUTER SPACE INSIDE: Promoting Peace, Prosperity, and Planet

Written by Brinkley Warren
Category: · Arts & Photography

This book is part of the most participatory art project in human history and also the most valuable work of art in human history. 

The Most Popular Artist has successfully and legally claimed all outer space property and mineral rights claims in the entire Universe and has had this claim authenticated by world governments in accordance with international law. Now, he’s giving away space claims for free and selling it on the Internet using blockchain technologies to benefit the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read this free book to learn how YOU CAN OWN SPACE PROPERTY LEGALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME, AND BECOME A PART OF ART HISTORY.

This book includes legal documents that prove beyond a doubt that The Most Popular Artist has the right to sell outer space property and mineral rights claims (including asteroid mining licenses) to the public as art, using a commercial exchange structure of his own choosing.

Learn how YOU can become one of the first 1-million people in the world to legally own stars and asteroids.

Learn how YOU can become part of art history. 



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