Oracle (Freya Snow Book 4)

Written by L.C. Mawson

What good is free will when you have no options?

Ever since Freya lost a week of her memory, she has been starting to burn out. Her grades are tanking, she can’t sleep for dreams of the Shadow Realm, and she hasn’t so much as spoken to Damon since they broke up.

So, when Fate gives her the opportunity to get out of the city to hunt down a missing Oracle, Freya jumps at the chance to leave.

But Freya quickly starts to get the feeling that the Oracle doesn’t want to be found, and that Fate may not be all that she seems.

When faced with the one being more powerful than her, all Freya has left is her wits. The question is, does she still remember how to use them?

Oracle is a YA urban fantasy with a dash of sci-fi.

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