One Last Kiss (Affair Without End Book 1)

Written by Susan Ward

Rock star Jackson Parker can have any woman he wants. But after the death of his wife and son he is heartbroken and alone, and wants nothing to do with anyone. That is until Linda Cray stumbles unexpectedly into his world.

On a beach in Santa Barbara, Linda finds Jack alone at night and in need of help. She’s a feisty, strong, independent woman seventeen years his junior with a troubling past of her own.

What happens next neither of them expects. They will love and pull apart, only to love again, staying strong and true to their hearts as they dedicate themselves to each other and the people they love.

The journey is far from conventional.

The obstacles between them many.

Their love enduring.

This story contains sexually explicit material, mature subject matter, and is intended for individuals over the age of eighteen.

Series: Yes
All Series Books Released: Yes
Standalone: No
Saga: Yes
Genre: Romance, Rock Star Romance, Erotica Humorous, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction



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