No Safe Spaces: Stories of a Young Marine in Vietnam

Written by Anthony H Johnson

A collection of over a dozen stories – including the #1 best seller, Ambush at the Waterfall, and #2 best-seller, Overrun. The author joined the Marines in 1966 at the age of 17 and arrived in Vietnam a year later, during the height of the war, when the casualty rate in a Marine rifle company was approaching 85 percent.
The gripping accounts of ambushes in the jungle, firefights in rice paddies, and night watches in listening posts. There is humor, horror, sadness at the loss of friends and primal fear. There is also bravery. During the entire Vietnam war, only one platoon in the US Marine Corps was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. The engagement that brought about that distinction resulted in the members of that platoon being awarded a Medal of Honor, a Navy Cross, three Silver Stars, and a number of Bronze Stars.
You will feel as if you were present when an understrength squad attacked an enemy force that outnumbered them fifteen to one, in order to prevent a rocket attack against the airbase in Da Nang. You will meet the young men, most of them still in their teens, who fought that brutal war.
There were no safe spaces.



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