Night Shift: 10 Survival Tips for Nurses to Get Through the Night! (Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, … Nursing Scrubs, Nurse Anesthetist Book 1)

Written by Chase Hassen
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Stop Suffering Through The Night and Wake Up!

* Have You Been Struggling to Sleep During the Day?
* Have You Ever Wished You Could Take a Long 8 Hour Nap in the Middle of Your Shift?
* You Crash On Your Days Off and Now You’re Stuck in a Vicious Sleep Cycle?

Luckily I can relate to you and I know exactly how it feels. Your eyes feel heavy and you can barely stay awake.

I had considered myself a night owl in the past but there is nothing like being awake the WHOLE NIGHT and into the morning. It really was much tougher than I expected.

This 10 Step Guide for Rebalancing Your Life Covers..

  • How to successfully make the CHANGE to night shift
  • Learn to THRIVE on routine
  • How to BE MORE ALERT and work safely
  • How to get a good “days” SLEEP after you get off from work
  • How to manage your nutrition and energy levels throughout THE ENTIRE NIGHT
  • Natural ways to put you to SLEEP as well as the “not so natural way”
  • How to IMPROVE YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT to maximum results

What is Stopping You?

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