NES Classic: The Ultimate Guide to The Legend Of Zelda 2 (The Ultimate NES Guide Series)

Written by BlackNES Guy
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Think you have mastered The Legend Of Zelda 2??? Think again!

This unofficial guide has everything you need to know to become the hero that saves Hyrule again….

Find every heart piece, secret caves and detailed strategies on how to beat each boss in every dungeon.

Legend Of Zelda 2 is one of the most underrated games ever published on the original NES. Thanks to the NES Classic new and old gamers are being able to see just how different and unique this game truly is.

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It doesn’t matter if you play it on the NES Classic or the original NES, this game is a favorite on everybody’s list.

First time players or longtime masters will LOVE this guide!

Inside get the best tips on:

  • What items to collect before heading into the first dungeon
  • Detailed maps for each dungeon and were all the special items are
  • How to find hidden caves throughout Hyrule
  • Multiple maps of the Overworld with hidden locations and items marked
  • Maps for BOTH the first and second quest
  • And More

    Don’t delay, BUY THIS GUIDE today and discover some of the best secrets that The Legend Of Zelda 2 has to offer!

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