Neanderthals, Sons of Gods, and Giants: True Legends of History

Written by H. S. Bradley
Category: · History

The Legends of History often hide a deeper truth. The True Legends of History can thrill and inspire, and these texts provide the short answers to the big questions that all great legends create… Can something so strange, something so incredible, be real? Let your mind wander among the legends of history and, for just a few moments, consider how the most unlikely things could be possible.

In True Legends of History: Neanderthals, Sons of Gods, and Giants you will go back in time to the dawn of humanity. The Bible says that, in those days, there were giants on the earth… the children born to women who had relations with the sons of God. Who were those sons of God, the non-human fathers of those the Bible calls mighty men which were of old, men of renown? Take a moment, and learn the hidden truth behind the Legend of History!



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