My Calabria is served: 20 Traditional authentic recipes from my land – Calabria (Traditional Italian Recipes Book 1)

Written by Annalisa Oppedisano

Food and love.

A love for cooking and for the land I come from, Calabria.

This traditional recipe book contains pasta, sauces, stockfish, and many more dishes. A homage to my homeland, now that I live far away – in Vienna. A journey across memories and unforgettable tastes.

A simple but very tasty cuisine, classic and modern at the same time, enriched with what families used to own in the past.

In short, a journey through my memories and among some of the most typical recipes of my area.

A collection of authentic, heartfelt family recipes, from Breakfast to Dessert. You will find everything you need to arrange a Calabrian meal.
The 20 recipes are very representative of Calabria And , of course, truly representative of my family’s traditions handed down from one generation to another over the years.
I hope you will enjoy this journey across memories and recipes from my beloved land.



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