Mouth of Hell (The Law Wranglers Book 2)

Written by Ron Schwab

As tensions continue to escalate between the U. S. Army and the Comanche, members of the Rivers family find themselves involved on multiple fronts of the “Red River War.” Josh Rivers discovers his efforts to covertly negotiate on behalf of his newest client have been exposed, and now he finds himself looking over his shoulder, even in the relative safety of Santa Fe. Meanwhile, his journalist sister, Tabitha, is embedded with Colonel Ranald “Bad Hand” Mackenzie’s forces on the eve of battle. What begins as a ploy to sell more newspapers, quickly spirals into a series of life-changing events as the opposing sides converge in the Texas Panhandle.

In Mouth of Hell, the second book of The Law Wranglers series, the unexpected paths that each take lead to a long sought after answer for the Rivers family.



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