Mismatched Shoes and Upside Down Pizza

Written by Lori B. Duff

Lori Duff, a lawyer by day and popular blogger and columnist on several media outlets including the Patch and Your Local News, had two choices: she could have a career ending mid life crisis or she could write a book. Lucky for you, she decided to write a book.

This book, filled with laugh out loud funny essays covering such diverse subjects as male-female relationships, parenting, grammar, travel, and the general disasters that occur to the good, the bad, and the clumsy, will give you the belly laughs you need to survive. Sometimes, you might even find unexpected wisdom. Here you will discover the law of conservation of head hair (every hair that falls out of a man’s scalp reappears on a middle aged woman’s face); what happens when senior citizens hijack a wedding bus; why ziplining in the rain is more fun; what to buy your wife for her birthday; what an introverted mom is to do with an extroverted son; and other musings on life, the universe, and everything.

Lori’s writing has been described as having the sensibility of Erma Bombeck, with the hilarity of Dave Barry and the keen insight of David Sedaris. If Lewis Grizzard were born a Yankee and a woman, he would have been Lori Duff. Sometimes, even people who aren’t her Mom say these things.



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