Minimalist Budget: The Simple Approach to Saving and Spending

Written by A.C. Drexel
Category: · Business & Money

Are you living paycheck to paycheck – with no savings to the side?

How often do you get a headache thinking about money – and can’t set even the simplest of budgets?

Do you often feel like money is controlling you – instead of the other way around?

In theory, budgeting is a simple task:

You don’t spend more than what you earn especially not on things you don’t really need.

But in practice…

… things have a tendency to work a bit differently.

Chances are, you end up mindlessly buying stuff – even though you know you’ll feel guilty afterward.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone – millions of adults struggle – and fail! – to tame their spending habits.

Money is a tool you should use to improve your life – not make it worse. And that is where you may benefit from getting yourself a copy of                     Minimalist Budget: The Simple Approach to Saving and Spending!


Here’s what you will learn from this book:

– Why having and sticking to a budget matters – learn how to create a sustainable budget for yourself & track every single dollar you spend!

The difference between fixed & flexible expenses – you get to determine what’s the best way for you to save money on!

– How to tell whether you really need or really want something – say goodbye to impulse spending & the instant gratification factor that puts you into debt!

Simple & effective ways to manage your budget – pick the one that suits you the best without feeling stressed out!

– The rules & misconceptions of minimalism – or better yet, how to make minimalism work for you, not the other way around!

How to budget and spend like a true minimalist – and no, you won’t have to give up on your most valuable possessions!  

– Become more responsible for the way you spend your money – you might not even be aware you have some bad spending habits!


Here’s a catch not many understand:

Living on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t get to spend on anything.

Living on a budget means you get to be smart about the way you spend your hard-earned money – so you add some real value to the things you own.

Never again blow through your paycheck without even being aware of the money you’ve spent.


Download Minimalist Budget: The Simple Approach to Saving and Spending today and get back in control over your finances!


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