Milkshakes and Gamma Rays

Written by Scott Zimmerman

Milkshakes and Gamma Rays is a humorous tale centered around a dramatic week in the lives of Brie Gable and her spirited new friend Naomi “Star Flower” Minami who lands them both in some awkward and uncomfortable situations. They are intelligent, opinionated high school juniors who divide their free time between chilling out, flirting with trouble, and philosophizing about the issues of the day. Each is a new transfer student to St. Margaret’s, a private school in California. They are living in present day America, but in a divergent timeline, where public education has been eliminated, there’s a civil war in Nevada, privacy is on the decline, peculiar brands of moralism are taking hold, and things are getting a little crazy all around.

The book is a little over 50,000 words long, and contains occasional adult language.

A sequel is coming.



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