MEDITERRANEAN DIET COOKBOOK: 130 Recipes for 30 Day Meal Plan and Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Paul Fisher

Do you love the taste of Mediterranean food?
Do you enjoy the range of flavors and exciting colors it provides?
Would you like to be able to cook more that just a simple spaghetti dish?

Mediterranean food is amongst the most popular in the world. The diversity it offers, not to mention the health benefits it provides, means that it is often sought after when people want to make a change to healthier options.
Now, with

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 130 Recipes for 30 Day Meal Plan and Healthy Lifestyle

you can plan and prepare dozens of great dishes that are packed with goodness, like:

»Nutritious beans, rice and grains

»Healthy fish and seafood

»Delicious vegetarian recipes

»Ideas for meat lovers

»Soups and salads



»And more…

With 130 recipes that are packed full of taste and nutrition, you will never tire of the food you are eating and will be able to prepare something interesting that all the family will love, for any mealtime, any day of the week and for any occasion.
What are you waiting for? Cooking delicious Mediterranean food is within your grasp.

Get a copy of Mediterranean Diet Cookbook now explore the taste of this fascinating region!



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