Medicare: 2018-2020 The Complete Comprehensive Guide: Learn Your Insurance Options!

Written by Mario Robertson
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Save Money by Maximizing Your Medicare!

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Inside Mario Robertson’s Medicare 2018-2020: The complete comprehensive guide, you’ll discover how to get the benefits you deserve from this wide-ranging program. Whether you’re over 65 or have a covered disability, you (and 15% of the U.S. population) need to access the full extent of your Medicare benefits. With this book, you can cut through all the outdated and confusing information out there – and find the help you need.

Mario explains a vast array of Medicare concepts and strategies:

  • Enrollment and Eligibility
  • Annual Enrollment/Disenrollment Periods
  • Medicare Advantage Plan Eligibility
  • General and Special Enrollment
  • Medigap Eligibility, Plan Selection, and Costs
  • Prescription Enrollment, Prices, and Coverage
  • and what’s new for Medicare in 2018!

Don’t dip into your retirement savings to pay for healthcare costs! Use this book and learn to use Medicare in conjunction with Medi-gap and supplemental insurance plans. No matter what your specific financial/healthcare situation involves, you can find the information you need to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

In this comprehensive and actionable guide, you’ll learn to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B before considering additional coverage (Part C). Mario explains all four parts (A, B, C, and D) of Medicare enrollment – and how to choose between HMOs and PPOs. You’ll also find out how to get prescription medication coverage through plans like Medicare Advantage.

When you order this book, you can access Mario’s cost-saving advice on choosing the right plans and Medicare Parts. He explains how to work with companies in the Health Insurance Marketplace – and what they are and aren’t allowed to do. You’ll even discover special advice for both new and existing Medicare participants.

Get the right information from the insurance pros and set your mind to ease. Maximize your Medicare benefits and know you’re getting all the benefits you deserve!

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