Meant For More: Get Unstuck, Discover Fulfillment and Clarity, and Transform Yourself – Take Control and Escape Average

Written by Patrick King
Category: · Business & Money

Are you 100% content with who you are… or is something missing? Sleepwalking through life? Do you feel stagnant, in a rut, and ready for a change?

Are you terrified of suddenly ending up old with too many regrets and too little fulfillment?

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results. Is this positive for you?

Meant For More is your guide to discovering the best parts of yourself and creating lasting fulfillment and peace from the inside out. The way to true happiness is within, which means you can fully control it.

Meant For More was years of research in the writing: a dozen of my own, and over 2,000 years of proven principles designed to bring peace and order to your life.

What happens when you combine (1) ancient philosophies (originating from the time of Socrates) together with (2) modern, scientific research, and (3) real-life applications and examples? 19 specific behaviors and mindsets designed to lead to fulfillment and answer the question: “How can I live with importance?”

Easy-to-implement small changes and practical takeaways for immediate action.

How will you learn to face fading friendships, toxic life patterns, and consistently bad decisions?

•The philosophy behind the highest classes in Ancient Greek society.
What systems are and why they are more effective than goals.
•How 10 minutes can build your willpower and inner strength.
The six aspects that can determine your daily character.
•The five elements of lasting happiness.

And deal with anger problems, relationship woes, and questionable career choices?

•How to uncover the hidden limits on your mindset.
How minimizing your choices will skyrocket your happiness.
•The relationship between “Sure, why not” and life satisfaction.
Life compasses and mindsets for repeated success.

What happens when you’re on the road to remarkability?

•Improve the quality of your relationships and friendships.
Get out of a rut and start living your life.
•Create new, healthy patterns.
Make better decisions that feel more you.
•Live a life of meaning.
Learn the best version of yourself and be content with it.

How would you like to be remembered? You may not be able to directly control this, but you can control your approach to life.

Make it yours and make it remarkable.

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