Me And Mr. I.T. (Kupid’s Cove Book 2)

Written by Katie Mettner
Category: · Romance

Living and working on the beautiful island of Maui, Ellie Monroe pretends she’s happy with her life. As marketing director for Kupid Enterprises, she’s professional and precise, but as a woman, she’s timid and lonely.

Maltrand Kekoa, or Mr. I.T. as his co-workers call him, has overcome a lifetime of obstacles to get where he is today. Professionally Mr. I.T’s at the height of his game, but personally, he’s crushing on a woman who doesn’t seem to know he exists. All that changes when his boss reveals to him an employee is siphoning money from his hotels, and he wants Ellie and Mr. I.T. to find the thief and save the company.

Armed with his ‘in case of emergency’ plan, Mr. I.T. is tenacious enough to disarm Ellie’s heart and make ‘Operation Me and Mr. I.T.” more than a temporary arrangement. All he needs is a broken laptop, a set of wedding bands, and a Frisbee to make her Mrs. I.T., for real.



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