Mason’s Keeper

Written by Cynthia J Stone

From the author of MASON’S DAUGHTER comes another fascinating tale of family, loss, and reconciliation. Set against a background of historical events, MASON’S KEEPER begins right after WWI and takes readers through the ups-and-downs of the Jazz Age, Prohibition, and the Mafia, Southern debutants and the Klan, pandemics and the rise of gasoline-powered automobiles.
Young Nate Wallace is determined to keep his impoverished family together, but when his choice to defend his mother results in disaster, he must flee his home and rebuild his life alone. Every effort, every step in his search to reunite with those he abandoned – and an unforeseen discovery – forces him to remake himself.
As his personal losses multiply, Nate believes shutting down his emotions while pursuing success in business will be the answer to his survival, but another surprise awaits him, one that will turn his world – and his heart – upside down.

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