Mason: The Sinner Saints #4

Written by Adrienne Bell
Category: · Romance

After a wildly successful career in Special Forces, Mason Wright has come to believe that there is no puzzle he can’t solve, no problem he can’t fix, no person he can’t charm. But all that changes the day he’s assigned the task of stopping suspected cat burglar Sara Baumgartner from stealing one of the world’s most famous pieces of jewelry.

Not only is Sara the first person he’s met that seems immune to all his moves, she also swears up and down that she isn’t a criminal. But even if the intriguing stranger is telling the truth, Mason can tell that Sara is harboring a terrible secret—the kind that could land her in the morgue if she isn’t careful. And Mason isn’t about to let that happen…no matter the cost to his pride or his heart.


Part romantic comedy, part thriller, and filled with plenty of intrigue, MASON is the fourth novel in the Sinner Saints contemporary romance series.




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