Written by Jonathan Kuiper
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Given an insurmountable task, an Arctic fox named Luza must travel the countryside until she finds the missing princess. Hunted by a master hunter and his Croatian sheepdog, both focused on killing her before she accomplishes her mission, Luza must find a way to persevere. She brings hope for those who live in fear of the new King and his lofty ambitions.

Unknown to Luza and the majority of events outside the village of Gilmanton, Keira plans a visit to her mother’s grave as her uncle departs for the beginning of hunting season. Life hasn’t always been easy for the young teen, and today’s chance encounter with the Arctic fox will only force her to reflect on the past and how it defines her going forward.

Keira will immediately be forced out of her comfort zone, but will do so willingly to help Luza accomplish her mission, regardless of whether it means sacrificing herself or putting herself in harm’s way to do so.

Luza is the first book in the Luza series and the first of many adventures for Luza and Keira.



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