Low Carb Instant Pot Cookbook: To Rapidly Lose Weight, Regain 100% Confidence and Have a Better Life 81 Flavored& Easy Low Carb Instant Pot Recipes (Bonus: … Diet Meal Plan) (Low Carb Cooking Book 3)

Written by Chef Watson

Are you fed up with your overweight? Do you feel lack of confidence because of your obesity? Are you looking for a diet for weight loss and have delicious foods without paying too much time everyday? This book will solve all of above questions! It is not just a cookbook, it is a complete guide of Low Carb diet and Instant Pot. It is a perfect companion for your daily cooking!

So what benefits will you get by following a low carb diet?

1. Helps In a Swift Reduction In Appetite

2. Helps To Lose Weight Effectively

3. Lowers The Blood Triglycerides

4. Increases The Levels Of Good Cholesterol (Hdl)

5. Reduces The Blood Sugar Levels

6. Reduces Hypertension

7. Helps Improve Brain Disorders

8. Gives More Energy

9. Improves Health And Fitness

10. More And More…

Besides, by following this book, you will know:

1. Everything About Low Carb Diet

2. Foods You Should Eat/ Avoid

3. Overview Of Instant Pot

4. 81 Delicious And Easy Instant Pot Recipes

5. A 2- Week Healthy Meal Plan

6. The Health Benefits of the Low Carb Diet

7. How Can Low Carb Diet Enhances Weight loss

8. 23 Tips to Attaining a Successful Low Carb Diet Plan

9. Who Should Partake in the Low Carb Diet

10. The Challenges Faced When Following a Low Carb Diet

11. Low Carb Diet Hacks and Myths

12. More and More…

You will also know Origin of the Instant Pot, benefits of an Instant Pot, how to Maintain the Instant Pot, rules in Using the Instant Pot, how to Choose and where to Buy a good Instant Pot, etc.. Meantime, you will get 81 very delicious and easy Low Carb Diet Instant Pot recipes, they are all well chosen and proven to be top recipes. All you need to do is just buy the ingredients in your local market and put them into the instant pot, then wait for some minutes you will have a very nutritional and mouth-watering dish.

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