Lost Daughters of Atlantis Collection: Lost Daughters of Atlantis Three Book Bundle

Written by Allie Burton

As each lost princess of Atlantis discovers her talents, she must choose her destiny—whether to ignore the churning seas or swim into battle.
Runaway Pearl seeks a place to belong, but when she learns the origin of her strange underwater abilities will she choose the right side?
Atlantean Princess Coral sets out to find her lost sisters of legend, but will she discover the truth about herself?
Regular-teen Maris learns about her abilities by accident. How will she choose between the life she’s always known or a new dangerous adventure?
The tides are rising, as is the danger in each magical quest. Join the princesses on their adventures in love and discovery.
Atlantis Riptide, Book 1: For all her sixteen years, Pearl Poseidon has been a fish out of water. A freak on display for her adoptive parents’ profit. Running away from her horrible life, she craves one thing—anonymity. But when she saves a small boy from drowning she exposes herself and her mutant abilities to Chase, a budding investigative reporter.
Now, he has questions. And so do the police.
Once Pearl discovers her secret identity, she learns she’s part of a larger war between battling Atlanteans. A battle that will decide who rules the oceans. A battle raging between evil and her true family. Will she find a way to use her powers in time to save a kingdom she never knew existed?
Atlantis Red Tide, Book 2: Princess Coral wants one thing. Actually two. Her lost sisters. Locked in her underwater castle by an evil regent intent on seizing control of her kingdom, Coral is determined to break free and find her siblings. When she tries to escape, she’s seized by her childhood crush, Finn.
This wasn’t the reunion she’d expected. Finn plays a delicate game. A game of loyalty, betrayal, and honor.
Even though Finn is working for the enemy, Coral needs his help to reunite with her sisters and stop an underwater war. She must risk her heart to gain his trust. But what will happen if Finn chooses against her?
Atlantis Rising Tide, Book 3: Maris Sanders thinks she’s a normal high school girl. Until she starts developing underwater powers that aren’t normal at all. When a good-looking stranger, with the odd name of Cuda, comes into her life and tells her stories, she discovers a history that stuns her.
Other books in the series: Atlantis Tide Breaker, Atlantis Dark Tides, Atlantis Twisting Tides, Atlantis Glacial Tides



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