Lords of Darkness: Le Veque’s darkest Medieval heroes

Written by Kathryn Le Veque
Category: · Romance

Welcome to LORDS OF DARKNESS, a collection of Kathryn Le Veque’s darkest Medieval heroes!

When shadows fall and darkness covers the land, men or terror come to life. Knights of blood and of war bring forth the very worst that Medieval brutality has to offer, but in that darkness, there is a ray of hope. Women of brightness shine the most when confronting the darkness within men. Be shocked at nothing within the pages of this collection, for these novels will take you into the blackness and then back again, where love reigns supreme, even over evil. Romance has many shades, in many ways.

This set contains:

The Dark Lord
Devil’s Dominion
Black Sword
Lord of the Shadows
Dark Destroyer

This is a limited edition collection to enjoy.



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