Looking for Clara: A Novel

Written by Simona Grossi

Clara, a former pianist, is now a successful lawyer in L.A. When her law firm sends her to Siena her life takes an unexpected turns. There she meets Mario, an eighty-year-old photographer who takes photographs of strangers and friends and then composes stories about the images he has captured. Mario and Clara’s friendship turns into a unique bond, and together they embark on a journey through some of the most beautiful places in Italy, trying to solve a puzzle in an old photograph that seems to connect their lives in mysterious ways.

“Grossi writes in an original voice, one that evokes the freedom and passion of jazz…At the heart of the story is a powerful friendship…that opens the door to everything that follows. In the end, Looking for Clara is a story about true friendship and the possibilities of a life we choose to create.” – excerpted from an online reader review.



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