Loch Ness Revenge

Written by Hunter Shea

Deep in the murky waters of Loch Ness, the creature known as Nessie has returned. Twins Natalie and Austin McQueen watched in horror as their parents were devoured by the world’s most infamous lake monster. Two decades later, it’s their turn to hunt the legend. But what lurks in the Loch is not what they expected. Nessie is devouring everything in and around the Loch, and it’s not alone. Hell has come to the Scottish Highlands. In a fierce battle between man and monster, the world may never be the same.

Praise for THEY RISE :
“Outrageous, balls to the wall…made me yearn for 3D glasses and a tub of popcorn, extra butter!” – The Eyes of Madness
“A fast-paced, gore-heavy splatter fest of sharksploitation.” The Werd
“A rocket paced horror story. I enjoyed the hell out of this book.” Shotgun Logic Reviews



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