Live and Let Diet: Cozy Mystery Series (Australian Amateur Sleuth Book 1)

Written by Morgana Best
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

A fun cozy mystery!

Sybil Potts moves to Little Tatterford, a small town in the middle of nowhere in Australia, seeking to find peace and quiet after the upheaval of her divorce.
Although the town is sleepy and nothing has ever happened, her arrival coincides with a murder in the property adjacent to her cottage. Sybil soon finds she is at odds with the attractive Blake Wessley, the exasperated police officer who is trying to solve the murder.
After Sibyl narrowly misses becoming the next victim, she turns her attention to the suspects. Is it the English gentleman, Mr. Buttons, who serves everyone tea and cucumber sandwiches, or her landlord, Cressida Upthorpe, who is convinced that her fat cat, Lord Farringdon, speaks to her? Or is it someone else entirely?
In the Australian Amateur Sleuth cozy mystery series:
1) Live and Let Diet
2) Natural-born Grillers
3) Dye Hard
4) The Prawn Identity
5) Any Given Sundae

All Morgana Best books are clean cozy mysteries.
This is a cozy mystery. It is a clean read.

Best selling Aussie author Morgana Best grew up leaving Tim Tams for the fairies at the bottom of her garden. Now she lives with a half-blind Chocolate Labrador who happily walks into doors, a rescue Dingo who steals zucchinis from the veggie patch, and a cat with no time for nonsense. A former college professor, Morgana enjoys big bowls of pasta, not working out, and visiting the local lighthouse, where she tries to spot the white Humpback whale.



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