Lily Lemon Blossom Comics Vol. 1: There is Magic in Friendship: (A collection of four delightful mini magical adventures for children beginner readers ages 3-5 )

Written by Barbara Miller
Category: · Children’s Books

Hip, Hip Hooray! For the first time ever, Lily Lemon Blossom and her friends have been transformed into fun comic book characters, and are starring in their very own comic book series. Join Lily Lemon Blossom and her friends on four Teeny-Tiny, charming, mini adventures your early readers will LOVE!

Rainy Day Blues

’Achoo! Achoo! Ooh no, someone is not feeling well in Lily’s room. It seems her toys all have a mild case of the Rainy Day Blues…’

Read a Book Day

It’s Read a Book Day! What story will Lily Lemon Blossom and her friends pick to read today? Will there be mermaids, treehouses on the moon, or maybe even PIRATES…

Lily Lemon Blossom Learns to Skate

The fun begins when Lily Lemon Blossom gets her very first pair of roller skates. How many TUMBLY WUMBLY’S will it take before Lily gets the hang of it?

Moon Dust

Friendship becomes Magic in this sparkly little adventure when Lily Lemon Blossom asks her friend, the Moon, for just a tiny sprinkle of moon dust.

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