Legal Tender: True Tales of a Brothel Madam

Written by Laraine Russo Harper

Admit it. You’re curious. You can’t help it. Regardless of your moral view of prostitution, you’re curious about what happens within a brothel. How much money changes hands? What are the rules? Who are the working girls and who are their customers? Legal Tender answers those questions and many more as Laraine Russo Harper relates the fascinating story of her six years as the madam of a busy and expanding brothel outside Las Vegas. Illegal in forty-nine states, only Nevada’s frontier spirit continues to legalize houses of prostitution in rural counties. Harper’s inviting mix of heart, humor, and business savvy is frank, often funny, and always straightforward. Through it all, Harper maintains a light touch, relishing the absurd situations and hilarious misadventures that highlighted her six-year odyssey in the world of legal prostitution.



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