Legacy Fleet: Avenger (Kindle Worlds) (The First Swarm War Book 2)

Written by Chris Pourteau
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Earth defeated the aliens once. Now they’re back.

After the devastating attack on Earth, the Swarm fell back to regroup. Now, sooner than expected, they’ve returned to finish what they started: enslaving the human race.

Samantha Avery, newly promoted captain of AVENGER, has her hands full–a paid assassin seeking her death, a renegade officer working for the Swarm, and an enemy fleet bent on the destruction of the vital Wellington Shipyards. As the Swarm launches a devastating attack against Britannia Sector, Avery finds she must seek victory on multiple fronts.

But Avery is a patriot for humanity. She’s a dam standing tall against the alien flood. She’s an AVENGER.



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