Learn Your Fretboard: The Essential Memorization Guide for Guitar (Book + Online Bonus Material)

Written by Luke Zecchin
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Fretboard memorization made easy.

Do you get lost on the guitar neck? Not knowing the notes on the fretboard is a common problem that slows down and confuses the learning process. It’s very difficult to find your way around if you can’t read the map! Fortunately, developing a working knowledge of the fretboard is among the simplest and most beneficial things a guitar player can do to streamline and accelerate their learning.

Learn Your Fretboard offers a fresh and straightforward approach to memorizing the guitar neck. This handbook outlines a definitive system for fretboard visualization that will inspire breakthroughs for guitar players of all skill levels. Regardless of whether you’ve tried and failed before, this is the perfect companion for any guitarist wanting to develop a command of the fretboard in real playing situations!

Why you’ll love this book:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the shape and structure of the guitar fretboard.
  • Learn to locate notes, chord shapes, and scale patterns in any position with ease.
  • Understand how to translate musical ideas to different areas on the guitar neck.
  • Be able to clearly visualize and communicate what you’re playing to other musicians.

BOOK BONUS: This book comes complete with free online bonus material. We’ve compiled this online companion course to enhance your reading experience. Extras include audio examples, backing tracks, bonus downloads, and more!

If you like easy-to-follow lessons, pro playing tips, and jam-packed value, then you’ll love learning from this international bestselling instructor.

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