L-2011 (The Future of London)

Written by Mark Gillespie
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

What if the 2011 London Riots Had Never Stopped?

August 2011 – The London riots, coordinated by technology and social media, have brought the city to its knees. Buildings are burning. Shops are being looted. Homes and businesses are destroyed.

When the government and police fail, two alternative leaders emerge in a battle for the future soul of London.

Chester George – a masked man whose real identity is unknown, uses YouTube, punk rock and fierce intellect to spread the anarchy.

Sadie Hobbs – Reality TV star and blogger. Loathed and controversial, she urges ‘normal’ society to fight back against Chester George and the ‘feral rats’ destroying the city.

The fate of London hangs in the balance. And when the day of reckoning comes, hundreds of thousands of people, including sixteen-year-old Mack Walker, will descend upon the city for the final showdown and a day that London will never forget.

L-2011 is a ‘smart, contemporary and gripping’ alternate history novel that asks ‘What if the 2011 London riots had never stopped?’ It is the first book in the Future of London series.



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