Kiss My Casserole!: 100 Mouthwatering Recipes Inspired by Ovens Around the World

Written by Howie Southworth

Tuna noodle, broccoli cheese, shepherd’s pie? Sure, these potluck stalwarts have a rich history and can be fashioned with panache. But, let’s admit it. They’re played out, tired, and just plain BORING. To all whom adore the classic but tasteless, please kiss my . . . casserole!

Why not look around the world and find inspiration? Ever try a Chinese shaguo? How about an Ethiopian wat? I’ll bet you never even thought of cooking up a Icelandic Ofnsteiktur fiskur með lauk og osti! Now’s your chance!

Kiss My Casserole! to the rescue. This book updates, overhauls, and flies the humble casserole

around the globe with delicious, simple, and innovative results. Accessible ingredients, familiar

techniques, and a touch of the exotic will make you a star at the next office luncheon. Your

colleagues will clamor for more! You’ll find easy-to-follow recipes for:

•Southwest tomato tamale pie

•Berlin sausage kraut casserole

•Ghanaian yam casserole

•Tuscan barley pilaf

•Mumbai lamb biryani

•Creole Cassoulet

•Thai coconut chicken casserole

•Crab scampi bake

•Strawberry rhubarb crisp



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