King Neptune’s Delite: Four Children, a Diamond Ring, and Adventure!

Written by Gita V. Reddy
Category: · Children’s Books

King Neptune’s Delite is a tale of mystery, adventure, and fun!
Maya finds a bottle with a diamond ring and some papers in it. Along with her brother and friends, she puts together the clues and discovers they have a distress signal from someone held captive on a ship named King Neptune’s Delite.
The children are excited by the dazzling find. Even Maya, who is usually more sensible than the others, is swept on the wave of adventure. Instead of going to a grownup, the children embark on a reckless mission, with all possibility of getting into serious trouble.
Apart from being a fast paced page turner, the book gives a glimpse of Indian rural culture, and shows how a close-knit community takes care of its children.



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