KILLING PLATO (The Jack Shepherd International Crime Novels Book 2)

Written by Jake Needham
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

“Needham’s provocative views about Asian culture jump at you from almost every page. The gritty and taut KILLING PLATO is 100% unadulterated attitude.” —The Singapore Straits Times

Jack Shepherd is a politically connected American lawyer until, on a whim largely inexplicable even to him, he trades the fierce scheming of Washington for the quiet life in Bangkok. Everything goes pretty well for Shepherd in Thailand, at least it does until the day he walks into a bar on the jet-set island of Phuket and finds the world’s most famous fugitive waiting for him.

Plato Karsarkis is an international celebrity straight out of the pages of Vanity Fair, but then a New York grand jury indicts him for smuggling Iraqi oil and charges him with racketeering and money laundering. There is also the matter of a woman he may or may not have murdered to cover it all up. When Karsarkis flees the United States and disappears, the world’s media whips itself into a frenzy.

Karsarkis is waiting for Shepherd in that Phuket bar because he needs to hire him. He wants a presidential pardon so he can return to America and he knows Shepherd’s connections to the White House might just get it for him. But the U.S. Marshals are in Phuket, too. And they’re there to kidnap Karsarkis and drag him back to the US to face trial. The Marshals want Shepherd to help them set a trap for Karsarkis.

Shepherd just wants everybody to go away and leave him alone. At least he does until he learns a chilling secret, one that plunges him a violent spiral of friendship and betrayal and pulls him straight back into the life he thought he had left behind in Washington.

The Marshals aren’t really in Phuket to arrest Plato Karsarkis.

They’re there to kill him.



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