Killer Elite: Completely Revised and Updated: The Inside Story of America’s Most Secret Special Operations Team

Written by Michael Smith
Category: · History

For the first time ever, the explosive truth behind the world’s most secret Special Operations organization

A top-secret U.S. Army Special Operations unit has been running covert missions all over the world, from leading death squads to the hideout of drug baron Pablo Escobar to capturing Saddam Hussein and, in one of the greatest special operations missions of all time, helping to track down al-Qa’eda leader Osama bin Laden. “The Activity,” as it became known to insiders, has achieved near-mythical status, even among the world’s Special Operations elite. Hidden from the politicians and the government bean counters, the Activity has been carrying out deniable operations, preparing the way for Delta and SEAL Team Six.

Now journalist Michael Smith gets inside this clandestine military team to expose their explosive history and secrets. Smith has spoken to many former members of the Activity and reveals the incredible truth behind the world’s most secret Special Operations organization, a unit that is at the forefront of the War on Terror.

“An extensively researched and crisply written exposé . . . An important primer for anyone hoping to understand the successes and failures of U.S. intelligence in the last twenty-five years.” ―Publishers Weekly

“Well written and authoritatively sourced, Killer Elite is the first detailed account of a Special Operations unit that Smith regards as America’s most effective.” ―Sunday Telegraph (UK)

About the Author:

Michael Smith writes on defense for the Sunday Times of London. A former member of the British Army’s Intelligence Corps, Smith covered the wars in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq and has broken a number of important stories. He is the award-winning author of numerous bestselling books, including MI6: The Real James Bonds.



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