Keto Instant Pot Cookbook: The Complete Ketogenic Guidebook With 150 Delicious And Easy To Make Keto Recipes + Photo

Written by Tony Oliver

The 150 Ketogenic recipes found in this book are extremely easy to make and fully utilize the power of pressure cooking using the technology available in modern day Electric Pressure Cookers such as the Instant Pot!

If you are looking for a way to trim down weight and keep your body healthy following a Ketogenic Diet, then the Instant Pot is the perfect way to do!

The meals in this book can be prepared using the Instant Pot with minimum preparation and within a very short period of time compared to more traditional cooking methods!

The resulting food will always be extremely mouthwatering, healthy and delicious! Thanks to the pre-set cooking functions of the Instant Pot, you will be able to make amazing meals even if you are an amateur!

The recipes covered in this book are arranged in the following format:

·Soup, Bisque And Stews

·Chicken And Poultry

·Beef And Other Red Meat


·Vegan And Vegetarian

·Drinks And Stocks


Get your copy now and enjoy preparing a healthy Keto diet using your Instant Pot for your loved ones!



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