Keeping Up With Kenna The First Year

Written by Nicole Andrews Moore

After six months in the NICU, Kenna Claire Moore was finally big enough and healthy enough to come home. What did the next year of life hold for the world’s fourth smallest surviving preemie?

It was a year of challenges big and small, health concerns that had us rushing to the Pediatric ER, another surgery, therapies, doctor’s appointments, and a list of goals that Kenna is achieving. If the 183 day hospital stay was about finding happiness in unexpected places and making the best of the life we had, this year was about finding balance, rearranging our priorities, and adjusting our attitudes so that we could enjoy life with the gift we had been given. In the end, we realized we’re stronger than we imagined, more capable than we expected, and more resourceful than we ever thought possible.

Come share our journey.



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