Juicing Lifestyle: Healthy recipes for Weight Loss, Fitness and Beauty

Written by Andy Robinson

Are you having trouble with your health? You should to go over again food habits. Including more fruit and vegetables into your every day diet will completely change the body health. You may say that you have enough fruit and vegetables for every meal. But they all passed the cooking process (boiling, steaming, frying), and as result – lost amount of nutriments.

Juicing for life is a great solution. Fresh juice keeps a lot of vitamins so important for your health. This juicing recipe book provides amount of juicing recipes to have a positive influence on your body. The recipes are as easy with step by step manual as juicing for beginners. Now you may better the condition of your hair, nails, skin, control the blood state, and more – weight.

Juicing for weight loss is well known over the world. But the main point is that you need to use it accurately, not to do much harm for your health. This juice recipe book provides not only juice recipes but also useful ideas how to choose and use the best juicer. Having this book opens you secrets of

  • Juices to Enhance Your Health & Beauty
  • Juices to Facilitate Weight Loss
  • Juices for Optimum Fitness

Take care of yourself and be healthy!



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