Journal Of The Waterloo Campaign

Written by General Cavalié Mercer

Journal of the Waterloo Campaign is one of the most eloquent and impressive first-hand accounts of Napoleon Bonaparte’s dramatic demise.

It is a true classic of the literature of the Napoleonic Wars.

Taking us from the lulls and hard marching in Belgium and France, to the battle of Quatre Bras (where Mercer fired a few rounds at Napoleon himself), and finally to the ferocious fighting at Waterloo and Mercer’s own bold contribution to the larger Allied victory.

‘The book is essential for any study of the Waterloo campaign’ – Philip J. Haythornthwaite, leading military historian.

Captain Cavalie Mercer (1783-1868), commander of G troop of the Royal Horse Artillery in Wellington’s army, was a skilled writer who recorded the day’s events each evening in vivid and poetic detail. Never before or since has the experience of the entire campaign been brought so thoroughly to life.

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