Jobs to Jammies!: Get Out of Your J.O.B. & Be a Work-in-Your-PJs Entrepreneur

Written by Bridget Brady
Category: · Business & Money

Have you ever felt like your J.O.B. might be killing you? Do you know that if you could just get out of working for “the man” you would be so much happier and more fulfilled? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you dream of working for yourself and doing work you truly love?

This step-by-step guide, from a real-life work-in-her-jammies entrepreneur, is for everyone who’s ever dreamed of having their own business, but just isn’t sure how to get started. This book is for every entrepreneur in the first few years of her or his business who could use some serious help from someone a little further down the road. This book is for everyone who’s heard the whisper of, “There is more in this life than just working for someone else,” and is ready to listen.

Jobs to Jammies will give you the knowledge, tools, techniques, and confidence to hop off the hamster wheel of unfulfilling jobs and embrace the life of your choosing.

You’ll gain valuable insight into:
•Where do you start?
•What might be stopping you?
•How to systemize your business so you can make more money with less work.
•Online and social media strategies.
•Networking and sales.
•Putting all of this together to help you start and grow your business!

If you dream of starting your own business, or you’re ready to make your current business more successful, Jobs to Jammies is for you.

“Bridget Brady is the real deal. The book you hold in your hands is a road map to guide you, and help you navigate the minefields and quagmires that turn the journey of too many unsuspecting success seekers into the highway to economic hell. “Is it possible to make lots of money with a home-based business while in your jammies?” The answer is a solid, but qualified, “Yes!” But it won’t be easy. If you follow Bridget’s advice, you’ll avoid trading time for money, and instead work hard now as an investment in your business so that you can reap significant benefits indefinitely. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to leave the rat race and seek a more joyful and rewarding path to success and significance.”

~ Larry Broughton, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year (R), and Best-Selling Author of FLASHPOINTS For Achievers

“Bridget Brady is electrifying! If you want to get out of your corporate cage, and own your own business, this is a MUST read! Bridget shares her expertise in this easy-to-follow guide, infused with compassion, wisdom and humor. It is loaded with ideas, insights and real-world strategies that have the ability to profoundly change your life, and the way you think about entrepreneurship. Jobs to Jammies is a much-needed, no-nonsense exploration that will illuminate your individual entrepreneurial path. Bottom line — this book ROCKS!”

~ Craig Duswalt, Speaker, Author, and Creator of RockStar Marketing

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