Jabberwocky: A Novel (Knights of Wonderland Book 0)

Written by Daniel Coleman

How can a boy succeed where an army has failed?

Tjaden, a young man who aspires to be an Elite soldier, blames himself when Elora’s beautiful face is disfigured by a bandersnatch. Elora hides behind her scars, feeling unlovable in a world that only confirms her doubts.

Before Tjaden has a chance to convince her that scars don’t matter, an even more terrifying monster comes between them—the Jabberwock. Tjaden must risk his life not only to prove his love to Elora but to save her life.

If the secrets of the vorpal sword fail, so will Tjaden.

Originally published as a novella (39,000 words) in 2011, many readers asked for a longer version of that delved more deeply into the story and subplots. This current version of JABBERWOCKY is a full novel at 69,000 words. It has been completely rewritten and augmented with illustrations by E.K. Stewart-Cook. JABBERWOCKY is the first book in the series, and the characters carry over to HATTER, RED KNIGHT, etc, but they play minor roles. For that reason, JABBERWOCKY is Book 0 and HATTER is Book 1, as it is the launching point for the rest of the books in the series.



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