It’s So Complicated!: – A Teen Girl Story

Written by Efren Mc Poonin

There is no confirmation that Lowry and Erwin are indeed “on”. The incident in the hotel is but one-time accident due to the spirit of alcohol—and she is not pretty sure whether their relationship would last. Whatever it may be, Lowry is determined to fight for her love no matter what. Such willpower may eventually succeed—sometimes through persistence, but often through the unconditional love and support of the other.

Emmalyn is two-month pregnant to a double-crosser Erwin—who has been her live-in partner for more than a year now. Live-in partner in the sense that she could not qualify to a legal marriage by reason of a very young age, and perhaps because Erwin is her first love and nothing else. She would also fight for her right and for their baby as well. The manner she showed to Erwin during the challenging days is part of her growing up, but right in her heart, she feels she cannot live without him.

And for Erwin, a double-crosser that he is, it is only a lofty destiny of his own urge. He is rowing his craft between two brooks and he doesn’t want to go away from either of the two. Both rivers are just right in his eyes to explore—and only destiny will tell which of which will remain a river.

Although exciting at first, the eternal triangle caused the relationship to suffer and ultimately end.




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