Islandia The Lost Colony (The ANKH Trilogy Book 1)

Written by C.J. Klinger
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Book one of the ANKH Trilogy, the story of Earth’s fifteenth colony, 450 years after being settled. It is a water world with tens of thousands of islands and very little usable landmass to build the cities the original pioneers envisioned. Without the ability to recreate an Earth-like civilization, their descendents sink back to a more primitive time and create a society of clanboats and small villages. Into this world is born Jonathon McKinnah, known as Jonny Oarboy to his fellow clansmen. An accidental contact brings Jonny in touch with an alien entity who has rested quietly on Islandia for 6,000 years. The two of them start an incredible journey taking them from the past to the present, from Islandia to old Earth, and finally to Earth’s other colonies.



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