Involution & Evolution: A rhyming anti-war novel by Joss Sheldon

Written by Joss Sheldon

It’s not easy to make a stand for peace, when you live in a world which is besotted with war…

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This is the story of Alfred Freeman, a boy who does everything he can; to serve humankind. He feeds five-thousand youths, salves-saves-and-soothes; and champions the maligned. He helps paralytics to feel fine, turns water into wine; and gives sight to the blind.

When World War One draws near, his nation is plunged into fear; and so Alfred makes a stand. He opposes the war and calls for peace, disobeys the police; and speaks out across the land. He makes speeches, and he preaches; using statements which sound grand.

But the authorities hit back, and launch a potent-attack; which is full of disgust-derision-and-disdain. Alfred is threatened with execution, and suffers from persecution; which leaves him writhing in pain. He struggles to survive, remain alive; keep cool and stay sane.

‘Involution & Evolution’ is a masterpiece of rhyme, with a message which echoes through time; and will get inside your head. With colourful-characters and poetic-flair, it is a scathing critique of modern-warfare; and all its gory-bloodshed. It’s a novel which breaks new ground, is sure to astound; and really must be read!

Probably the best epic-poem of the modern era, Involution & Evolution is fast-paced masterpiece that will touch your soul…

  • “One of the best anti-war novels I have read” – Kevin J. Litner, Amazon USA
  • “Great, thrilling, and enlightening book!” – Emma Parker, Amazon USA
  • “A heartfelt and beautifully written book” – Kiarna Lewis, Goodreads
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