Intermediate Manga Sketching: How to create amazing manga drawings

Written by Stephanie Lane
Category: · Arts & Photography


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Welcome to the Intermediate Manga Drawing guide book. In this book you will take a look at the skills and aspects of drawing manga and how to enhance it to a higher level. This is a book for people who already have some experience doing manga drawings and are looking to get even better and take their skills and abilities to the next level. Whether you’re a dedicated manga and anime artist looking to keep those skills sharp and take your work up a notch, or even just a casual artist looking to take serious pride in your work. This book is the one for you to engage in. This book covers everything from the beginning stages of crafting your characters facial features all the way to perfecting the expression of emotion and the hairstyle. Then we even take it further and get an in depth look at multiple angles of the face, and then we have over ten different characters with step by step drawing instructions. Then just to drive home the point that this book is something extra the characters are finished off with colour to give you a real good look at what you can accomplish with the artistic talents held within your own abilities and unlocked in these pages. Remember, this book is destined for those who already have beginners experience with manage drawing so the foundations of drawing we will not be delving into. However we will brush up and go over some of the core fundamentals of the craft so as to make sure that the details are fresh in your mind. As well, the step by step instructions will be very detailed and will allow for precision in the drawing stages. With that being said, move on to the next section and learn about the tools and instruments you will need to proceed with this journey.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

– Materials for drawing
– Where to Start Sketching
– Facial Features to Draw
– The Eyes
– Hairstyles
– Expressions
– Faces
– Characters
– Women
– Pets

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