Interior Design and Color Brighten your home with art and color

Written by Moodspace Publishing
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“I need color” – Jim Carey once famously said about art at a low point in his life when he was overwhelmed with NY city life.

Color is Light. Color is frequency. Color is mood. You can literally design your personality around color – the color you choose and surround yourself with – even if you think you don’t pay attention to color, you do, consciously or unconsciously.

Take a look at a picture of automobiles in the 50’s and compare that with a picture of cars today. What changed? It’s a new era with different tastes; preferences and cultural mindsets and they are expressed through color. Everyday objects and the clothing we wear are all expressions of that ‘cultural frequency’ and nowhere is that more evident than in your own home – your personal space.

When you combine color aesthetics with interior design you are consciously creating your own décor, your own mood– you are ‘voicing’ your core personality. Color in Art and decor generates mood and ambiance. Interior Design puts a ‘conscious’ touch to it.

This creative impulse is joyful and as you implement art, color and space a new personality beckons – a new self emerges. You can see life differently – full of positive potentiality. Happiness is borne of a consciously lived life. This little e-book is a ‘nudge’ to your inner promptings – an actionable item list to make your home shine with that ineffable touch.

Color, art and visuals can create environments that feel good and when refined it effects your mood. It becomes an influencer of lives, inspiring a creative and positive attitude towards life. There is a great joy in arranging things. It is as if you are reshuffling your own being in newer and exciting ways. A room feels ‘different’ when you re-arrange the furniture. You can take that visual cue and apply it to your life.

Art is affirmation of life. From room decor to lobby design art creates ‘impressions’ that translate to ambiance. Mood art can pivot a room or transform a Hospital waiting area at a both subtle and profound level. Colors, strokes, lines and texture give rise to inspiration, positivity, vitality, energy, flair, and introspection. Ambiance is personal embedded with universal principles – designing mood and ‘feeling’ of a room’ is an expression of one’s inner drive towards creativity and aesthetic – and everyone has it!

This is as good of a time as any to delve into making beauty in your home space to bring it alive while inviting prosperity and well-being. For this interior design and décor journey discover how you can turn your personal space into a happy, nurturing and loving sanctuary.



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