Instant Pot Cookbook 2019: The Complete Instant Pot Cookbook – Delicious, Easy, and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes For Everyone (Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook)

Written by Jessica Hoffman

Do you love your Instant Pot?

Is it the sort of gadget you would use more of if only you had more information?

Would you like to learn dozens of great new recipes for your Instant Pot?

Cooking with an Instant Pot is easy and convenient. The range of dishes you can prepare is almost limitless and the time you save can always be put to better use.

Perhaps you could do with some new ideas to spice up your mealtimes and if that’s the case then The Complete Instant Pot Cookbook 2019: Delicious, Easy and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes For Everyone is the book with does just that, with some great recipes that include:

  • Savory breakfast sweet potato
  • Orange teriyaki chicken wings
  • Lebanese chicken soup
  • Fish stew
  • Sweet soy chicken thighs
  • Beef lettuce wraps
  • Lemon veggie risotto
  • Lentil curry
  • And many more…

When you have an Instant Pot to hand it means that mealtimes can be exciting and easy. The range is suitable for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike, and you’ll be amazed at how simple these recipes are.

Get a copy of The Complete Instant Pot Cookbook 2019 now and start making amazing meals in your kitchen today!



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