Instant Pot Cookbook: 200 Amazingly Tasty & Healthy Instant Pot Recipes

Written by Paul Chase

Want to eat healthy every day at home?

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This book was made for the Instant Pot users out there, both expert and novice who are trying to penetrate and tap into the plethora of benefit obtainable from using an Instant Pot!

The aim of this book is to not only act as Instant Pot Recipe cookbook for your newly bought instant pot, but also give you a clear idea of the concept of Instant Pot Cooking while explaining to you the secrets of your Instant Pot device!

Here some amazing things you’ll find in our book:

  • The history of Instant Pot
  • The complete guide on using your Pressure Cooker
  • How to use your Instant pot in it’s full
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides and desserts
  • Prep time, cooking time, list of ingredients accompanies, number of servings each recipe
  • Your level of experience with instant pot doesn’t matter – our book applies to any level!

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Throughout the book, you will be introduced to the very concepts of your pot and will be discussing the core mechanics of your Instant Pot and help you fully familiarize with it before venturing into the world of modern day Electric Pressure Cookers.

This book is designed to act as a one-stop-shop for all of your Instant Pot needs!

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