Inside Looking In: How My Wife and I Endured Her Battle with Pancreatic Cancer

Written by Andrew Bayer

In January 2010 my wife, Patrice, passed away after an eleven-month battle with pancreatic cancer. As I struggled to deal with my loss, I found myself fixating only on the events of the last few days of our life together, especially Patrice’s final day. In an effort to free my mind, I took all the thoughts that were swirling around my head and put them down on paper. That cathartic exercise became Inside Looking In, a story of how we went from living a normal and happy life to dealing with Patrice being diagnosed with cancer, and eventually losing the battle.

This experience taught me just how unpredictable and fragile life is; how quickly its focus can shift from living to dying. I learned that dealing with cancer becomes a daily process filled with a whirlwind of emotions, ranging from shock, hope, fear, and courage. I hope in reading this story you can gain some knowledge to help you face difficult times in your life.

Author Bio:

Andy Bayer lives in Centerville OH with his wife Margie, whom he married in 2014, along with their dog Baxter and cat Roxy. He continues to work for LexisNexis where has been since 1988. He enjoys playing golf, traveling, spending time at home with Margie and entertaining friends and family.



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